Rearview Mirror Car DVR

Rearview mirror car dvr is to built-in dvr into rearview mirrors. The rearview mirror does have a monitor.

More people do not want to install an extra dvr on a car windshield. So, to build the dvr into rearview mirror is a nice idea. No more need to be sticked onto the windshield.

Because our rearview mirror does have OEM replacement mirror holder. You just need to remove the original car rearview mirror and slide our mirror holder onto the base, and it is well fixed.

Our rearview mirror has built-in monitor, and you can connect our rearview mirror to back-up camera to achieve reversing image when you put your car into reverse.

Rearview Mirror Car GPS with DVR

Rearview mirror car gps with DVR, is rearview mirror with built-in gps and dvr.

The rearview mirror with monitor, the monitor is on the natural glance line of the driver. According to analyse, it is much better than the DVD player fixed in the dash or stand alone monitor on dash. Because the driver no need to pay special attention to pay a glance on the monitor.

The built-in DVR is on when you turn your key on. If there is small accident happen, when the police comes, you just need to show the things recorded by the DVR, and no need to wait for longer time for the police’s analyse for the reason for the accident. Which can help you to save lots of time and energy? And can prevent you from trouble.

Car Rearview Mirror Holder

Car rearview mirror holder is a zinc alloy holder, to be fixed to the base of rearview mirror on windshield.

We have mirror holder for after market. The mirror holder is fixed by screws to rearview mirrors. For after market, usually, when the client is buying the products, he do not know which kind of cars he need to install the rearview mirrors. It is not convinient for him to stock lots of rearview mirrors. But to put some stock for mirror holder is better. With this idea, you can put the same rearview mirror in stock, but to choose different mirror holder according to different car.

We also have mirror holder for OEM market. Means that, the mirror holdes is fixed to the rearview mirror totally. The rearview mirror holder can not be removed from the rearview mirror.

Bluetooth Compass Rearview Mirror

Bluetooth compass rearview mirror is rearview mirror with built in function for bluetooth and compass.

For bluetooth function, we have introduced a lot. So, let’s introduce a little bit about compass function for rearview mirror. In our rearview mirror, it is with electronic compass built in. You can see on the right corner of the rearview mirror, E, SE, NE, S, W, SW, NW, N. E=East, SE=South East, NE=North East, S=South, W=West, SW=South West, NW=North West, N=North

When you are making a long trip to some place you do not recognize, and do not have GPS, this function will help you a lot.

OEM Replacement Rearview Mirrors

OEM replacement rearview mirrors are used to replace the original car rearview mirrors.

The original car rearview mirrors is only used for rearview. But nowadays, the rearview mirrors have lots of other functions, bluetooth, built-in monitor support DVD, can read USD, SD and TF card, GPS or even DVR function.

So, more people would like to change their original rearview mirrors. The OEM replacement rearview mirrors is with special rearview mirror holder. You just remove the original mirror, keep the base, and slide the replacement rearview mirrors. The job to replace the original rearview mirrors are done.

We have 10 different mirror holders, and it can fit for most of the cars in the market.

Cameras for Car

Cameras for cars are used in parking aid, driving aid, CCTV and side turning.

The cameras for cars are usually on by trigger. The parking aid cameras are triggered by reversing light, and it is connected to reversing light cable.

The side turning aid camera is triggered by turning lights. And it is connected to left or right turning light cable.

The CCTV cameras are connected to ACC power. When the car is on, the cameras will be on.

Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Handsfree Car Kit

Bluetooth rearview mirrors handsfree car kit does have multifunction in just one product.

Firstly, it has bluetooth function. Means that, when you are driving a car, if there is a phone call coming in. You no more need to seek your mobile. You can see the ID for the callers shown on rearview mirror. Just press on one button on rearview mirror, you can answer the phone call or refuse it easily.

Secondly, it can work as normal rearview mirror because it also has best reflection of backward due to the good chrome plating of front glass.

Thirdly, it has built in monitor, and the monitor is connected to car rear view camera. It is used to remove the blind zone behind your car when you are parking a car.

Bluetooth Reverse Camera Rearview Mirror

Bluetooth reverse camera rearview mirror is bluetooth rearview mirror with reverse camera.

The rearview mirror has bluetooth function. When you are driving a car, if phone call is coming, the caller’s ID will show on rearview mirror. There is a button on rearview mirrors, you just press the button to accept or refuse a phone call.

The rearview mirror has built in monitor. The reverse camera is connected to monitor. When you put your car into reverse, you can see backward image on monitor.