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Car DVR Rearview Mirror KS1845

Car DVR Rearview Mirror KS1845
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Car DVR Rearview Mirror KS1845

*Novatek 96658 solution

*4.5 inch IPS screen

* OEM mirror bracket for almost all cars

*Sony 323+6 layer glass lens, 150 degrees lens

*Dual cameras to record at the same time

*FHD1080P High definition seamless cycled recording

* Automatically Activate Video Lock to Protect Evidence Video

*Support night vision.

* Audio Can Be Not Recorded Into Video

* 4x Digital Zoom, Range From Min 12cm up to Unlimited Max

* Video Lock to the Important Evidence

* Fitting for 12V Vehicle

*When the car is reversing, it will trigger the monitor to show reversing image only, also to show parking guide line.

* Rear camera, PC3089 solution