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Rearview Mirror Parking Sensor Car Reverse Camera KPS0943

Rearview Mirror Parking Sensor Car Reverse Camera KPS0943
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Rearview Mirror Parking Sensor Reverse Car Camera

Model No.: KPS0943

Rearview mirror features 

*Original design rearview mirror with 4.3 inch monitor 

*Monitor brightness can adjust automatically according to surrounding brightness 

*When monitor is off, no frame is shown on the mirror. The reflection of the mirror is perfect 

*High reflection plating front mirror 

*With more than 20 different models of mirror holders for almost all of the cars in the market

*High brightness monitor, 480 cd/m2 

*The distance for sensor shows on display, the precision for detection is to CM. With indicator for obstacle for each channel. 

*Detection for sensors up to 2.5M

Parking Sensor specifications 

1) Car Rear4-Sensor Parking Sensor System;
2) Advanced self-diagnosis with error indication;
3Sensor detection range: 0~2.5m, buzzer alert from 40cm to 1.5m, display readout from 0 to 2.5m; 
44*S01single angled sensor, 22MM  in diameter, plastic flat, fit for plastic bumper; 
5Detection accuracy: CM; 
6) Power Input: 9.6-15V DC;
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