Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Handsfree Car Kit

Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Handsfree Car Kit

Bluetooth rearview mirrors handsfree car kit does have multifunction in just one product.

Firstly, it has bluetooth function. Means that, when you are driving a car, if there is a phone call coming in. You no more need to seek your mobile. You can see the ID for the callers shown on rearview mirror. Just press on one button on rearview mirror, you can answer the phone call or refuse it easily.

Secondly, it can work as normal rearview mirror because it also has best reflection of backward due to the good chrome plating of front glass.

Thirdly, it has built in monitor, and the monitor is connected to car rear view camera. It is used to remove the blind zone behind your car when you are parking a car.

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