Bluetooth Rearview Mirrors

Bluetooth Rearview Mirrors

Why choose bluetooth rearview mirrors When you are driving a car, what will happen if you need to answer your mobile phone call?

Our car rearview mirror with built-in bluetooth function can help you to solve such problems. The callers ID will show on the mirror. You simply press one button on our rearview mirror to answer or refuse the phone call. No need to seek the mobile or touch the mobile.

You can still concentrate on your driving. And answer the phone call free of hands. The clear voice of the built-in speaker can make you hear the voice very clearly. And the MIC collects your voice very well, and the person on phone can also hear you quite clearly.

So, it is really a great idea to have such a unit of bluetooth car rearview mirrors in your car.

And  you also will not feel boring when there is a traffic jam. And the passengers in your car can enjoy DVD, MV during long journey. Because we also built in the monitor for 2 video input.

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